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empowering you to eat healthily without compromising on taste

SmartFit Food is the brainchild of Tomasz Jedrychowski. The service was born from the desire to give people tools to help them take charge of their own nutrition and fitness, or, as Tomasz himself likes to say, eat well, feel well and be healthy.





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SmartFit Food History

Having arrived in England from Poland ‘’for a summer student holiday job only’’ more than 15 years ago, Tomasz started as many Poles did, working on a building site to then move to a food processing factory.

Despite successfully moving up from an operative to a supervisor and then a managerial position, Tomasz never felt he had quite found his place in the world of work there. On top of that, stress and lack of time meant pounds were piling up and his fitness was the lowest it had ever been.

It was time to make changes, and following a successful weight loss and exercise program (with an extremely steep learning curve), Tomasz decided to change careers completely and qualify as a personal trainer, to help people in a similar situation to regain fitness and confidence, improve health and appearance.

It was when working as a personal trainer that Tomasz realised that all the advice he gave his customers about optimal diet and healthy eating was falling onto fallow ground because most of his clients had no time, no skills and, to be perfectly honest, no inclination to shop, prep and cook the healthy food he advised them to eat.

No wonder: many were working extremely long hours or juggling jobs and childcare. Initially conceived as an add-on service for personal training customers, the SmartFit Food project came to its own after a quad-bike accident forced Tomasz to stop training for several months.

Family, including young children, meant that working evenings was also more and more of a problem and SmartFit Food became a full-time project rather than an add-on. Still operating as a local, family company, Tomasz and his wife Dagmara are at the heart of SmartFit Food, keeping the ethos of freshly-cooked, delicious and healthy food for local delivery helped along by a chef and delivery drivers that cover, in addition to Milton Keynes, other main towns and cities in Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire

SmartFit Food was born from the desire to empower people to eat healthy without compromising on taste.

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