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To start with, you will need to choose a diet type. We offer a general balanced diet, based on nutrition parameters optimal for weight loss and fitness.

For customers who don’t like or can’t have fish or seafood, we also provide a no-fish version of the plan, and for those who follow vegetarian, pescatarian or gluten free diets we also have their own options.

If you are wondering about the “Office Lunch Box”, it’s the main meal from the Optimal Balance diet with shake and salad. And yes, of course, you will be able to change the plan/diet later.


The second step is to select your calorie level. Please note that the calorie calculator is based on full five meals per day package, and if you choose fewer than five meals in step 3, the calorie total will go down. Not sure how many calories you need to achieve your goals?

Our Calorie Calculator will help. And you can always change it later.


Pick the meals you are going to have delivered. The full package contains breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and supper. Please note that *lunch* is the main meal of the day, but of course there is nothing stopping you eating it as an evening meal if you prefer a lighter lunch.


Choose how many days you want to order for - our trial offer gives a £5 reduction for one or two days’ of food deliveries. Once you know you want more, there are special offers applicable to ordering 4 or 12 weeks of deliveries or multiple orders at the same address.


Wait for your meals. They will be delivered to your indicated address by our own delivery driver, freshly cooked and ready to be eaten cold or reheated as desired.


If you want to make any changes to your order, just let us know, ideally with 48 hours’ notice, though we might be able to accommodate some changes later.

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