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When can I begin my meal plan subscription from SmartFit Food?

Any time! We simply need 48 hours’ notice and you can start any day of the week. With no minimum order, our service is very flexible and allows you to try various options before you decide what suits you best.

Do you have a minimum days order for your meal plan delivery?

Not at all. You can order healthy meal delivery for one day only, or perhaps the two days a week when you are especially busy, or at the time when you are under particular pressure at work or at home. We also offer an ‘’office lunch box’’ delivery plan, where you get one full, freshly prepared meal and two snacks. And for new customers we have a trial option, allowing you to place a ‘’test order’’ for one or two days at a reduced price.

What if I go on holiday? Can I reschedule? Do I lose my discount?

If you order one of the discounted subscription packages but have to reschedule for whatever reason, your pre-paid bundle is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Can I just order one or two three days a week for 4 or 12 weeks and get a discounted package?

No, unfortunately the discount applies to full-week (5 days a week) orders only

Can I change the type of my food plan delivery or the calorie amount during the pre-paid subscription period?

You can make such changes at any time. We need 48 hours’ notice before the next delivery is due. Please note that some changes (for example increasing the calorie amount) will result in additional charges.

Can I change the address of my meal plan delivery?

There is no problem with changing the address as long as it is in the area that we cover. We need 48 hours notice for that.

All about our

Does your healthy meal delivery service work on weekends?

We can supply meals for Saturday and Sunday, but it would be a repetition of the Friday menu and arrive with the Thursday night delivery.

How do you deliver? Do you use courier companies?

No, we have our own vans and friendly drivers who complete our deliveries.

What happens if my delivery arrives and I am not at home?

We will leave your meals in a pre-arranged safe place and let you know by text message or a phone call. If you didn’t specify a “safe place” in your order, or by talking to our driver on another occasion, our drivers will do their best to get in touch with you for arrangements.

What time of the day do you typically deliver?

All our meal plan deliveries are done three times a week, currently on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 3pm and 10pm depending on your location.

If you have any specific requirements regarding your delivery, please email us or give us a call on 07496009964 and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What will I get in my box diet delivery?

Depending on the plan you select, you will receive between 3 and 5 balanced meals from our current menu. You can check the menu for the week on the Menu section of our website.

Every meal is labelled with information on whether to eat it hot or cold and all containers for meals consumed warm are in packaging suitable for microwave use. You can also, of course, reheat them using a traditional method, in a pot or a frying pan. And this is the method we recommend as food simply tastes better this way!

Our food and
our philosophy

What are the main benefits of using the SmartFit Food healthy food delivery service?

We are passionate about empowering people to have a healthy diet without compromising on taste, so we could probably talk about this for hours! But in short: You will likely feel better physically and mentally, as all our plans are nutritionally balanced. You will certainly save time on shopping, chopping and cooking.You might save money too, especially if you normally eat out or order take-aways a lot. You are unlikely to waste any food. You will get a tool that will help you control your calorie intake while ensuring that your nutrition needs are fulfilled, which will greatly help you if you want to lose weight. No more calorie counting - we will do it for you!

  • You will likely feel better physically and mentally, as all our plans are nutritionally balanced.

  • You will certainly save time on shopping, chopping and cooking.

  • You might save money too, especially if you normally eat out or order take-aways a lot.

  • You are unlikely to waste any food.

  • You will get a tool that will help you control your calorie intake while ensuring that your nutrition needs are fulfilled, which will greatly help you if you want to lose weight.

  • No more calorie counting - we will do it for you!

How fresh is "fresh"? Does your food contain any additives and preservatives?

To put it simply - no, although some of the ingredients or materials we use might contain some necessary preservatives. We don’t add anything and we cook and prep starting from scratch from as much unprocessed foods as possible.

What if I am still hungry after eating all the food ?

If you are still hungry when using our meal plan delivery, make sure that you have selected the right calorie amount for your circumstances.

You can use our calorie calculator to help you decide. Remember that sustainable weight loss is gradual, and crash diets are more likely to result in a yo-yo effect. You can always supplement our plan with a low-calorie snack without derailing it: a portion of fruit, a fresh salad with minimal dressing.

Make sure you are actually hungry and not thirsty: sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, and drinking a glass of water will do the trick. If you have a habit of ‘’grazing’’ it might take a while to break it, so watch out for situations when you stress-eat or eat out of boredom - this might not be hunger but one of those, and having an alternative to snacking can help.

What should I drink when using a diet food delivery plan?

Stick to no-calorie or low-calorie drinks. Water is optimal, and herbal or fruit teas without sugar work well when you need a warming drink. Green tea helps digestion, while black tea and coffee save ‘’milk calories’’.

If you don’t want to give up milk in tea and coffee, use skimmed or semi-skimmed varieties, and take it into account when choosing your daily calorie plan - a cup of semi-skimmed milk contains about 115 kcal, and will provide enough milk for 4-5 cups of tea or coffee.

Watch out for calories in alcohol, as these can often pile up really fast!

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I want to order a meal plan delivery you offer but I can't eat or don't like certain foods or ingredients, can I swap or change?

Yes. We can exclude ingredients you are allergic or intolerant to from your order, and if you really hate one of the options on any given day, we might be able to swap it for something from our other menus.

You need to let us know at least 48 hours before the meal is due. We also offer a gluten free meal delivery plan.

Please note that although we can exclude ingredients that cause allergies or intolerances from your order, common allergens such as nuts, dairy and gluten are prepared in the same area and we cannot guarantee a 100% allergen-free environment for people with the most severe allergies.

Do your meals arrive as meal prep packs, fresh cooked food, or frozen?

We provide fresh meals delivered to your door (or another location of your choice). We cook and prepare everything from scratch in our kitchen according to our in-house developed recipes, then chill, pack it in containers, label and bag for delivery.

Does your food need heating up or cooking?

All our food is completely cooked and could be, in theory, eaten cold although we highly recommend heating up some items for a much better flavour (cold spaghetti with tomato sauce isn’t that great after all). Each container is clearly labelled with ‘’eat cold’’, ‘’eat hot’’ or ‘’eat cold or hot’’ suggestion.

Are your containers microwave and oven safe?

All containers for foods marked as to be eaten warm are microwave safe, so you can heat up the food in the container.

Dieting using SmartFit Food healthy meal delivery plans

How long will it take before I can see any results of using your diet meal delivery plan?

Everyone is different, and your weight loss will depend on your metabolism and activity levels. You can use our calorie calculator to check your calorie requirements which will help you pick the best plan for your needs.

We can promise that if you stick to the healthy meals delivered by us and keep well hydrated, you will feel better within a few days and should notice a difference after the first week.

Most of our customers who want to lose weight, lose between 1 to 2 lbs (0.5 to 1 kg) per week. We have seen some people losing 66+ lbs (30+kg) over several months!

How long should I sign for weight loss meal delivery?

This is totally up to you, although for best results as far as weight loss programmes go, we recommend at least 4 weeks to see results. If you want to create a long-term lifestyle change (which will save you money, time and greatly improve your health in the long run), you may wish to commit for longer. Developing healthy habits doesn’t happen overnight. We offer discounts for 4 and 12 week prepaid subscription packages.

What calorie amount should I pick?

Your body’s demand for energy depends on many factors, including your physical activity levels, age, sex, height and of course your current weight.

You can use the calorie calculator on our website to calculate your approximate calorie needs, and what calorie deficit should result in weight loss of 1 or 2 lbs per week (it is not recommended to try and lose more than that for a sustainable loss).

Please don’t forget to include any extra food, including drinks (milk in tea and coffee, alcohol itp) in calculating your calorie requirements.

If you have trouble deciding, call us on 07496009964, and we will be happy to help.

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